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Download the flyer ‘Corona Resilience Plan for Employees
Download the flyer ‘Corona Resilience Plan for Employers

The situation concerning the Corona-virus has a major influence on Dutch society and beyond. On the one hand it calls for practical measures to protect people’s physical health, but there are also people who develop feelings of uncertainty and stress under the influence of the social unrest that the situation entails.
With this message we want to inform you about the practical guidelines that Shared Ambition uses with regard to its consultants and the employees / clients they supervise.
We also briefly discuss the mental resilience of employees under the current circumstances.

Guidelines and measures for our consultants and their clients

In general
1. In the guidelines to her consultants, Shared Ambition follows the advice communicated by the Dutch government. We ask our consultants to be alert to their own health situation and to adhere to the rules prescribed for quarantine in case of return from travel / vacation from risk areas and / or contamination with the virus in their immediate vicinity.
2. We ask consultants who visit employees at the company location (for example, “Coach on Location”) to follow the guidelines of the relevant employer. For example: if the guidelines involve employees working from home, a consultation may take place by phone or video chat.
3. We ask employees / clients who visit the Shared Ambition headquarters in Amersfoort or the practice of a consultant to follow the advice that is communicated by the government (see above, under “In general”).
4. If a consultant has serious doubts about the health situation of an employee / client, he / she will take the initiative to continue the remote guidance.

Mental resilience
There may be employees in your company or organization who are more than average concerned or even anxious about the Corona virus. Worry and fear can lead to tension, and persistently, to stress. Stress can manifest itself in various ways, such as sleeping problems.

If you recognize this among your employees, we recommend that you contact the Shared Ambition consultant who works for your company or organization. The professional association of psychologists (to which our consultants are affiliated) has clearly described how we can help clients who are afraid of the Corona virus.

If you have any questions about this message, please contact Shared Ambition at:
or 033 433 7010.

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